There are several advantages to using Quantum Alloys Corporation’s nickel-copper scrap blends.

• Cost Savings: Utilizing our blends is less expensive than using prime nickel and scrap copper or a
      melted product.

• Outstanding Customer Service: We're readily available to address any concerns a customer may have.

• Superior Material Quality: Our blends contain predominantly solids and turnings with very low oil
      and moisture content, not grindings and powders. Use of our scrap blends has never resulted in a
      scrapped heat.

• Material Consistency: Each drum of Quantum’s material will have the same chemistry throughout
      the entire truckload. This allows the mill to add our blend to both the electric furnace and A.O.D.

• Expertise: We have the experience and capability to make a wide range of nickel-copper scrap
      blends to meet our customers’ needs.

• Customized Packaging: Quantum will package its scrap blends in the type of fiber drum that
      facilitates easy charging into our customers’ electric furnace or A.O.D.

• Dependability: With tens of millions of pounds of material shipped, sometimes with very little notice,
      our on time delivery is greater than 99%.