Our Ni-Cu blends are utilized in the making of a wide variety of stainless steel grades. Some of the stainless steel grades that are made using Quantum's scrap blends are as follows.

Grade 201: Stoves, refrigerators, cookware, washers, dryers, hose clamps, thermal window spacers.

Grade 301: Mass transit rail cars.

Grades 15-5Ph & 17-4Ph: Both grades are used throughout the aerospace industry especially in airframes,
      cockpit doors, landing gear, & heat shields.

Grade 904: Used in oil & gas exploration. Underwater pipe for oil drilling & transmission, heat exchangers,
      ship tanks for holding corrosive liquids.

Grade 825: Also used in oil & gas exploration. Underwater pipe, process vessels, storage tanks.

Quantum Alloys Corporation prides itself on being conscience about the environment. Quantum uses large quantities of recycled metal to produce its blends. This recycled material comes from a variety of industries. Some examples are the pipes and fasteners from a scrapped oceanic oil platform, marine pipes and valves from a desalinization plant, propeller shafts and anchor chains from decommissioned ships, and worn out diesel engine turbochargers from commercial vehicles. The durable goods that Quantum's blends eventually become don't require frequent replacement. Additionally, once these items do wear out, they can again be recycled.