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Welcome to Quantum Alloys Corporation. Quantum Alloys specializes in providing nickel-copper (Ni-Cu) scrap blends to specialty steel mills. Our blends are utilized in the making of a wide variety of stainless steel grades.

Quantum Alloys prides itself on providing superior quality Ni-Cu scrap blends. By being in business for a quarter of a century, we've established many outstanding business relationships with our raw material suppliers. This affords our material vendors a thorough understanding of Quantum's rigorous raw material specifications and enables them to supply us with the high quality scrap that we demand for our blends. Quantum Alloys also ensures the chemical specifications of the scrap used in our blends by using a variety of techniques. Our quality assurance procedures include spark testing, analysis with a metal alloy analyzer, and conducting full wet melts of material samples.

Quantum Alloys Corporation
3909 Washington Road, Suite 320, McMurray, PA 15317

Richard L. Thelk Jr.
Executive Vice President
Phone: 724.941.2991 • Fax: 724.941.4833
Email: Rich@Quantumalloyscorp.com